Destin Sunshine Vacation Rental Policies

Indoor Policies

  • No smoking indoors
  • No pets
  • Windows and doors of the house must remain closed when the AC is in use

Cancellation Policies

  • A fee equal to 25% of the total rent will be charged in case of cancellation or date transfer of your reservation if your reservation is at least 47 days in the future.
  • If you cancel your reservation within 47 days of your check-in date, all money sent will be forfeited. Written notice of cancellation must be sent at least 47 days prior to stay.
  • Early departure does not warrant a refund of any kind. This includes all “personal emergencies,” “natural occurrences,” or “Acts of God” that might interrupt your vacation plans.
  • If you have not checked in by 4pm of your second contracted day (without prior notice) home may be re-rented and loss of all funds sent will result.

Other Policies

  • We understand that accidents happen.  If something gets broken during your stay please call and let us know immediately so we have ample time to fix it before our next guests arrive.
  • If property is for sale, the renter must cooperate with owner and/or realtor to arrange for convenient time(s) to show it.
  • By Florida law we as the owners are allowed to enter our homes at any time if we  suspect any activity that might be a breach of these guidelines or any rental agreement policies.
  • There is a $30 fee for all lockouts.
  • There is a $20 charge for keys not left in the home when you depart.
  • If any mattresses have been wet or stained a loss of full damage deposit will result.
  • If your group fails to take excellent care of our homes we will apply the funds collected from your damage deposit to cover any repairs, extra cleaning needed, or replacement of missing items.  In such cases we will return to you  only the remaining balance of your damage deposit.  In such cases all charges will be itemized and communicated to you.
  • During your stay we'll need you to wheel our outdoor trash bins to the curb on trash day. Check the side of the refrigerator for the days of the week that Waste Management will come.   We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring this chore is not forgotten.
  • If lock-box on pool heater is tampered with a loss of full damage deposit will result.

Sample Reservation Confirmation Documents

Click here to view a blank version of the Reservation Confirmation we’ll issue to you after you’ve submitted your deposit for our home.

Click here to view a copy of the Policies & Procedures document we’ll issue to you after you’ve submitted your deposit for our home.

Click here if you're a student group to view the Under 25 Addendum that all members of your group will be required to review and sign.


Outdoor Policies

  • No glass bottles or cups in pool area
  • There are no pool hours, however please be considerate of our neighbors
  • Rinse off sand using our outdoor showers before you enter the pool and when returning from the beach
  • Music volume must be kept at a reasonable level
  • Street parking is prohibited.
  • Discard all cigarette butts in ash trays provided or we will deduct $1 for each one found from your returned damage deposit.

Arrival Procedures

  • Check-In time is 4pm or after.  No check-ins before 4pm.
  • When you are 30 minutes from the house, text or call Nicole at 850-830-1480.  We will meet you at the house to welcome you, provide you with some sets of keys, and ensure you're comfortable.  The check in process takes about 10-15 minutes and then we'll be on our way.

Departure Procedures

  • Check-out time is 9am or earlier. If any member of your group remains in our home past 9am you will be charged for an extra day and your damage deposit refund will be debited accordingly.
  • If home is left in acceptable condition your refundable damage deposit will be returned to you within 7 business days of your check out date.
  • Leave all keys on kitchen counter.
  • Lock the door and pull it shut behind you so it is locked when you depart.
  • Please text (or call) 850-830-1480 to let us know you left.
  • Feel free to offer us some feedback on your stay by writing in our on site guest book
  • Complete all cleaning activities to ensure our home is left in the same condition as when you arrived:
    • Sweep excess sand from tile floors
    • Rinse tubs and shower free of excess sand
    • All dishes must be cleaned, removed from dishwasher, and put away
    • Wipe kitchen and bathroom counters clean
    • Bag all trash and place it in the outdoor trash bins
    • Scrape outdoor gas grill
    • Rearrange all furniture back to original placement
    • Bring dirty linens downstairs in a pile in front of the washer/dyer
    • Wipe down any baby / toddler gear that you borrowed (if applicable) to ensure it's ready for the next guest to use

Student Group Requirements

If all the individuals in your group are 24 years of age or younger, click here to view the additional requirements of your rental agreement. All members of your group will be required to attend check in, as well as to sign that they’re willing to abide by all terms outlined in the Under 25 Addendum. Signatures are due from all group members in order to ensure that every young adult in your group is willing to comply. We live locally and do enforce all components of this Under 25 agreement for our student groups which are as follows: (1) Unregistered guests are not allowed on the property (indoors or outdoors) under any circumstances, during the day nor at night. (2) Cars owned by unregistered guests are not allowed to be parked on the property. (3) Smoking indoors is prohibited. (4) Partying on the property is prohibited.  This includes underage or excessive alcohol use and/or drug use as well as playing loud music, disturbance of neighbors, and/or destruction to the property. (5) By Florida law the owner is allowed to enter a rental home at any time if owner/manager suspects any actions that might be a breach of these or any previously outlined guidelines and/or rental agreement policies.